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The Schleisingerville to Slinger Historical Museum is always looking to add to their collection. 

The Museum collects items related to the history of Schleisingerville, Slinger and the surrounding towns and townships.  If you have artifacts, video footage, photographs, or archival material that you believe would complement the Museum's collection, please review the following commonly asked questions and answers. A popular conception is that people think their item isn't unique or interesting enough. Some of our most interesting items would be those types of items. So please contact us with all of your finds.

How do I donate an object to the Museum?

First, talk to the Museum's Curator or President. The Curator can tell you whether the object is appropriate for our  collection. If so, the Curator will accept your donation with a temporary form signed by the Curator and yourself. The Museum's Collections Committee meets periodically to review all of the donations that come to the Museum. If the Committee declines your object, you will be notified by the Museum and will have 30 days to retrieve your item. After this time, Museum reserves the right to dispose of the items in whatever manner deemed suitable. If the Committee decides to accept your donation formally, a Deed of Gift will be issued. The Deed is a legal document transferring all rights of ownership of the the Museum.

How will the Museum care for my donation?

The Schleisingerville to Slinger Historical Museum follows best practices and standards set by the American Association of Museums. The Museum also has set policies and procedures to best protect our collection as well as those loaned to the SHM.

Will the Museum keep my donation forever?

 As the legal owner of its collection, the Museum has the unrestricted right to use, store, display, or remove objects (called deaccession) in any manner that the Museum deems appropriate in keeping with professional museum practices. Objects will be kept by the Museum as long as they meet the Museum mission, and as long as the objects can be properly  stored, preserved, and interpreted by the Museum.   Often,  duplicates may be loaned to or traded to other Museums for other worthy artifacts. If the Museum decides to deaccession the object, every reasonable attempt will be made to locate the original donor and inform them of the disposal of the object. 

 Does the Museum take permanent or long term loans?

 The Museum does not accept “permanent” loans, but,  if acceptable as a museum artifact , we create loans of the loaners preference. We will treat and care for the loaned objects as if they were ours.

Will my donation be on exhibit?

This depends on the  object’s appropriateness to the Museum's exhibit program and schedule. Space limitations and conservation concerns dictate that we cannot all of our collection all of the time.  Your loaned object will be maintained.  However, your donation will receive the best care possible by the Museum, ensuring that it be available for future generations. Exhibits are not the only way we use our collection.  The Museum is also devoted to the preservation of our collection and its use for research purposes.

If my donation is exhibited, will I be credited?

 Although the Museum keeps permanent documentation of all donors and the objects that have been donated, we do not necessarily include this information in all exhibit labels at all times.

 Does the Museum accept everything that it is offered?

 No.  According to our Mission statement, the Museum collects items related to Slinger and surrounding area.  If you would like to know if your donation is appropriate for the Museum, please speak to our Curator.

Will my donation ever be loaned to someone else?

It is the policy of the Museum to loan artifacts from our collections to qualified institutions for specific periods of time for temporary exhibits or for research purposes.  The Schleisingerville to Slinger Historical Museum handles loan requests from  institutions on a case by case basis to ensure that these institutions can adequately care for the objects.  The Museum does not loan Museum collections to individuals.

 How will the Museum acknowledge my donation?

 If you donation is accepted, you will receive a letter of thanks from the  Board.  You will also receive a form to transfer ownership called a Deed of Gift.  The form is signed by you and the Museum President for your records.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, however, it is the Museum’s policy not to appraise artifacts.  We recommend that you obtain an independent appraisal and work with your tax consultant.

Contact our president to get started with your donation process today!


414 Kettle Moraine Dr. S

Box 69

Slinger, Wisconsin  53086

President:  Tom Lehn

Curator:  Troy Fassbender

Treasurer: Rachel Wolf

Secretary:  Troy Risse

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